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What are the top ten famous flowers in China ?

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China has a vast territory, rich products, and a long history of flower cultivation. Through thousands of years of cultivation and application, rich flower cultures have been accumulated in various places and periods. What are the top ten famous flowers in China? Choosing the top ten of our country’s rich cultural connotations and world-famous specialty flowers has become our country’s top ten famous flowers.

No.1: the king of flowers - Peony

China Flower - Peony

Peony is a rare woody flower unique to China. The flower is large in color, graceful and luxurious, rich and dignified, rich in fragrance, and has a wide variety of varieties. It is known as the "national color and heavenly fragrance" and the "king of flowers". It has long been regarded by people as A symbol of prosperity and prosperity.

No.2: the fragrance of the king - Orchid

China Flower - Orchid

The ancients had a special liking for Chinese orchids, and Chinese orchids were the representative of Lan Hui's concentricity. The "Qin Cao·Yi Lan Cao" recorded: "Confucius returned to Lu in self-defense, and in the Hidden Valley saw the fragrant orchid flourishes, he sighed and said : Zhilan should be the fragrance of the king, and now it is alone with all the grasses", the phrase "the fragrance of the king" has been passed down to this day.

No.3:the chief of flowers - Plum Blossoms

China Flower - Plum blossoms

Plum blossoms are beautiful and elegant, with ice heart and jade quality, and their ancient scent is different. For thousands of years, it has frosty and proud snow, scented to welcome the cold, up to xianda, down to commoner, and has a deep love for plum blossoms. "In the history of literature and art, there are so many plum poems and plum paintings that any kind of flower is beyond the reach."

No.4: Ling Shuang Blooming Yan - Chrysanthemum

China Flower - Chrysanthemum

Duju is given the meaning of auspiciousness and longevity in ancient Chinese myths and legends. Many Chinese poets and painters of the past dynasties chanted poems and painted chrysanthemums. Therefore, a large number of literary and artistic works and experience of art eulogizing chrysanthemums have left people with many masterpieces and will be passed down for a long time.

No.5:moon and moon often open - rose

China Flower - Rose

Rose is not only a traditional famous flower in my country, but also a special product of my country and a world-famous flower, which is widely cultivated in various countries in the world. As the name suggests, the rose is full of flowers in every month and all seasons. Rose flowers can be used to extract flavors, used in food and cosmetics fragrances; flowers used as medicine have the effect of promoting blood circulation and dispersing blood stasis. Enthusiasm, beautiful appearance. It symbolizes the long-term dedication character of this flower.

No.6: blooming flowers - Rhododendron

China Flower - Rhododendron

Among all the ornamental flowers and trees, they can be called both flowers and leaves. They are suitable for both ground and potted plants and are the most versatile. In the natural distribution of azaleas in the world, there are so many types and huge numbers that none of them can match Chinese azaleas. China is the treasure house of azalea resources in the world!

No.7: Qingli and refined - lotus

China Flower - lotus

In Chinese flower culture, the lotus is the most interesting object of flower chanting poems and the subject of flower and bird painting; it is the most beautiful and colorful dance material; it is also the most commonly used and most beautiful pattern on various architectural decorations, sculptures and living utensils. modeling. The lotus flower is not only big and bright, but the fragrance is far overflowing, and it is covered with green waves.

No.8: the guest in the flower - camellia

China Flower - camellia

Camellia is a traditional Chinese famous flower and one of the world famous flowers. It is also the provincial flower of Yunnan Province, the city flower of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province and Wenzhou City. Because of its beautiful plant shape, thick green and shiny leaves, and colorful flowers, it is treasured by the world horticulture industry. Some are rippling and spreading in the morning light; some are dancing in the breeze, each showing its style, breathtaking and beautiful.

No.9: ten miles of fragrance-sweet - scented osmanthus

scented osmanthus

Jin Gui has a long history of osmanthus cultivation in my country. Since the Tang and Song dynasties, osmanthus cultivation has become popular. It was common for literati in the Tang Dynasty to plant osmanthus, and chanting of osmanthus became a common practice. "Golden breeze brings coolness, ten miles of fragrance" is a symbol of good luck. Osmanthus fragrans has a high economic value. The flowers can be used to extract spices and can also be smoked for scented tea. Ten miles of fragrance, the golden breeze delivers coolness. It symbolizes the auspicious wish and the fragrance of ten miles, the sense of glory that is famous for thousands of homes.

No.10: Lingbo Fairy - Narcissus

China Flower - Narcissus

Narcissus is known as the elegant name of "Lingbo Fairy". It has a beautiful shape, many flowers, and a fragrant fragrance. It is deeply loved by the Chinese people. The narcissus has delicate stems and leaves, and the pleasant fragrance of flowers can be used to decorate the study and living room, which is particularly vibrant. Lingbo Yuli, rich and aromatic. It symbolizes the beauty of the body of the yellow crown and white Yuying with green sleeves.